I've awoken from a deep sequined sleep, and am saying "hello" with this round up of sequined party frocks stolen shamelessly from This is Glamorous. Few things make me more excited for the holidays that wearing my backless black sequined dress. Speaking of which, we need New Years Eve plans stat.



Thoughts on short suits for work? I have a grey tweed pair of work shorts that I've worn (only) once, but all day long I felt out of sorts. Perhaps a matching jacket would quell my concerns? This outfit would be super cute for a ladies lunch. Via Design Love Fest.



A masquerade ball and Vogue magazine? Any Sequins girl naturally gets excited at the possibility of attending the 90th anniversary party of French Vogue in Paris. You can see more images here.



When I was a young girl, I gushed over Fashion Television and the amazons on the runway. I wondered if I'd grow to be tall (I didn't) and if I'd be glamourous (a decidedly mixed conclusion). Love Made Visible is my new favourite blog for monitoring runway trends. These days I wonder "how can I make that outfit translate for my 9-to-5 gig?" (I'm still debating how to wear the sequined tank to the office). Image via Love Made Visible.



It is well past Labour Day but I'm still longing to wear many shades of white (I miss my white short shorts already). Image via The Sartorialist.


Make Up

In my dreams, a make up artist applies liquid eyeliner perfectly on my lids each morning and my cheeks are always perfectly flushed. Images via Fashion Toast.